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antlr::LLkParser Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An LL(k) parser.

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Definition at line 17 of file LLkParser.java.

Public Member Functions

virtual void addMessageListener (MessageListener l)
void addMessageListener (MessageListener l)
virtual void addParserListener (ParserListener l)
void addParserListener (ParserListener l)
virtual void addParserMatchListener (ParserMatchListener l)
void addParserMatchListener (ParserMatchListener l)
virtual void addParserTokenListener (ParserTokenListener l)
void addParserTokenListener (ParserTokenListener l)
virtual void addSemanticPredicateListener (SemanticPredicateListener l)
void addSemanticPredicateListener (SemanticPredicateListener l)
virtual void addSyntacticPredicateListener (SyntacticPredicateListener l)
void addSyntacticPredicateListener (SyntacticPredicateListener l)
virtual void addTraceListener (TraceListener l)
void addTraceListener (TraceListener l)
override void consume ()
void consume ()
virtual void consumeUntil (BitSet bset)
virtual void consumeUntil (int tokenType)
void consumeUntil (BitSet set) throws TokenStreamException
void consumeUntil (int tokenType) throws TokenStreamException
virtual AST getAST ()
AST getAST ()
virtual ASTFactory getASTFactory ()
ASTFactory getASTFactory ()
virtual string getFilename ()
String getFilename ()
virtual ParserSharedInputState getInputState ()
ParserSharedInputState getInputState ()
virtual string getTokenName (int num)
String getTokenName (int num)
virtual string[] getTokenNames ()
String[] getTokenNames ()
Hashtable getTokenTypeToASTClassMap ()
virtual bool isDebugMode ()
boolean isDebugMode ()
override int LA (int i)
int LA (int i) throws TokenStreamException
 LLkParser (TokenStream lexer, int k_)
 LLkParser (TokenBuffer tokenBuf, int k_)
 LLkParser (ParserSharedInputState state, int k_)
 LLkParser (int k_)
 LLkParser (TokenStream lexer, int k_)
 LLkParser (TokenBuffer tokenBuf, int k_)
 LLkParser (ParserSharedInputState state, int k_)
 LLkParser (int k_)
override Token LT (int i)
Token LT (int i) throws TokenStreamException
virtual int mark ()
int mark ()
virtual void match (BitSet b)
virtual void match (int t)
void match (BitSet b) throws MismatchedTokenException, TokenStreamException
void match (int t) throws MismatchedTokenException, TokenStreamException
virtual void matchNot (int t)
void matchNot (int t) throws MismatchedTokenException, TokenStreamException
virtual void removeMessageListener (MessageListener l)
void removeMessageListener (MessageListener l)
virtual void removeParserListener (ParserListener l)
void removeParserListener (ParserListener l)
virtual void removeParserMatchListener (ParserMatchListener l)
void removeParserMatchListener (ParserMatchListener l)
virtual void removeParserTokenListener (ParserTokenListener l)
void removeParserTokenListener (ParserTokenListener l)
virtual void removeSemanticPredicateListener (SemanticPredicateListener l)
void removeSemanticPredicateListener (SemanticPredicateListener l)
virtual void removeSyntacticPredicateListener (SyntacticPredicateListener l)
void removeSyntacticPredicateListener (SyntacticPredicateListener l)
virtual void removeTraceListener (TraceListener l)
void removeTraceListener (TraceListener l)
virtual void reportError (string s)
virtual void reportError (RecognitionException ex)
void reportError (String s)
void reportError (RecognitionException ex)
virtual void reportWarning (string s)
void reportWarning (String s)
virtual void rewind (int pos)
void rewind (int pos)
virtual void setASTFactory (ASTFactory f)
 Specify an object with support code (shared by Parser and TreeParser. Normally, the programmer does not play with this, using setASTNodeClass instead.
void setASTFactory (ASTFactory f)
virtual void setASTNodeClass (string cl)
 Specify the type of node to create during tree building.
void setASTNodeClass (String cl)
virtual void setASTNodeType (string nodeType)
 Specify the type of node to create during tree building. use setASTNodeClass now to be consistent with Token Object Type accessor.
void setASTNodeType (String nodeType)
virtual void setDebugMode (bool debugMode)
void setDebugMode (boolean debugMode)
virtual void setFilename (string f)
void setFilename (String f)
virtual void setIgnoreInvalidDebugCalls (bool Value)
void setIgnoreInvalidDebugCalls (boolean value)
virtual void setInputState (ParserSharedInputState state)
void setInputState (ParserSharedInputState state)
virtual void setTokenBuffer (TokenBuffer t)
void setTokenBuffer (TokenBuffer t)
override void traceIn (string rname)
void traceIn (String rname) throws TokenStreamException
virtual void traceIndent ()
void traceIndent ()
override void traceOut (string rname)
void traceOut (String rname) throws TokenStreamException

Static Public Member Functions

static void panic ()
static void panic ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual internal void defaultDebuggingSetup (TokenStream lexer, TokenBuffer tokBuf)
void defaultDebuggingSetup (TokenStream lexer, TokenBuffer tokBuf)

Protected Attributes

internal ASTFactory astFactory = new ASTFactory()
ASTFactory astFactory = null
internal ParserSharedInputState inputState
ParserSharedInputState inputState
internal AST returnAST
AST returnAST
internal string[] tokenNames
String[] tokenNames
Hashtable tokenTypeToASTClassMap = null
internal int traceDepth = 0
int traceDepth = 0

Package Attributes

int k


TokenEventHandler ConsumedToken
TraceEventHandler Done
TraceEventHandler EnterRule
MessageEventHandler ErrorReported
internal EventHandlerList Events [get]
TraceEventHandler ExitRule
MatchEventHandler MatchedNotToken
MatchEventHandler MatchedToken
MatchEventHandler MisMatchedNotToken
MatchEventHandler MisMatchedToken
SemanticPredicateEventHandler SemPredEvaluated
SyntacticPredicateEventHandler SynPredFailed
SyntacticPredicateEventHandler SynPredStarted
SyntacticPredicateEventHandler SynPredSucceeded
TokenEventHandler TokenLA
MessageEventHandler WarningReported

Private Member Functions

void trace (string ee, string rname)
void trace (String ee, String rname) throws TokenStreamException

Private Attributes

internal int k

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