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antlr::Token Class Reference

Inherited by antlr::CommonToken, and antlr::CommonToken.

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Detailed Description

A token is minimally a token type. Subclasses can add the text matched for the token and line info.

Definition at line 13 of file Token.java.

Public Member Functions

virtual int getColumn ()
int getColumn ()
string getFilename ()
String getFilename ()
virtual int getLine ()
int getLine ()
virtual string getText ()
String getText ()
int getType ()
virtual void setColumn (int c)
void setColumn (int c)
void setFilename (string name)
void setFilename (String name)
virtual void setLine (int l)
void setLine (int l)
virtual void setText (string t)
void setText (String t)
virtual void setType (int newType)
void setType (int t)
 Token (int t, string txt)
 Token (int t)
 Token (int t, String txt)
 Token (int t)
override string ToString ()
String toString ()

Public Attributes

const int EOF_TYPE = 1
const int INVALID_TYPE = 0
const int MIN_USER_TYPE = 4

Static Public Attributes

static Token badToken = new Token(INVALID_TYPE, "<no text>")
static final int EOF_TYPE = 1
static final int INVALID_TYPE = 0
static final int MIN_USER_TYPE = 4
static final int NULL_TREE_LOOKAHEAD = 3
static readonly int SKIP = - 1
static final int SKIP = -1

Protected Attributes

int type_

Package Attributes

int type = INVALID_TYPE


int Type [get, set]

Private Member Functions

void InitBlock ()

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